Monument at the ‘Haagse Schouw’

The names of the Dutch servicemen killed while fighting for the Haagse Schouw as well as for the airfields Valkenburg and Ockenburg and who, for the most part, were buried at the Groene Kerkje cemetery, not counting exceptions, have been added to the Haagse Schouw monument that was erected early in 1941 by the people of Oegstgeest. Its design was created by the ‘Ingenieursbureau voor de Bouwnijverheid’ in Oegstgeest, its bricks were provided by the brickyard De Ridder from Oegstgeest, and it was constructed upon Oegstgeest soil. Deputy Mayor T. van Egmond unveiled the monument on 26 April 1941 because Mayor Van Gerrevink had been imprisoned by the Germans as a result of his speech during the funeral for the crewmen of the second Blenheim airplane.

Monument at the ‘Haagse Schouw’, in memory of Dutch soldiers who fell in May 1940.

Their names are mentioned.